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Smart Pages

Showcase your brand, sell products and services, share important links, and accept direct payments and donations in just a few clicks from your social media bio link and beyond. The possibilities are endless!

QR Codes

Create dynamic and customizable QR codes in seconds for nearly anything - links, events, emails, phone calls, text messages, FaceTime, PayPal and crypto payments, WhatsApp chats, and even Wi-Fi passwords.

Link Shortener

Transform long, clunky URLs into catchy and compact links that are easy to remember and share in seconds! For example, https://www.example.com/this-is-an-example-of-a-long-url can become https://sabi.link/mylink in a snap!

Dynamic Links

Powerful and customizable dynamic links to share your contact information, files, and events with ease, while having the flexibility to update them anytime without changing the actual link you may have already shared.

Email Signatures

Elevate your email game! Choose from a range of customizable templates to create remarkable, professional, and branded signatures for you, your business, or your team. Make a lasting impression with every email you send.

Smart AI Assistant

Boost your productivity and create amazing content effortlessly with our Smart AI Assistant! Powered by cutting-edge AI technology and easy-to-use templates. Experience the power of AI and transform your content creation process.






QR Codes


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One link, endless possibilities. Link your audience everywhere to everything important with Smart Pages

Mobile Optimized & Customizable

Create your Smart Page in less than 5 minutes.

Products, Services, Tips & Donations

Sell and receive payments directly.

Links, Articles, Images, Video, Slideshows

Share different types of content.

Build your SabiLink Page, your way - from a blank canvas using any of the 30+ available blocks

Sell Product

Sell Service

Receive Donations

Add Audio

Add Video

Add Image

Add Document

Share Reviews

Create vCard

Create List

Create Timeline


Facebook Post

Instagram Post

Youtube Video

Opensea Item

SabiLink Pages

Sell Downloadable Products.

Easily monetize your digital content by selling products that can be downloaded instantly. Offer your audience a variety of options, including ebooks, online courses, software, stock photos, graphics, webinars, music tracks, and more. Our seamless payment system ensures a smooth buying experience, and while your customers will have immediate access to their purchases, you will get paid directly, no commissions.

SabiLink Pages

Receive Tips & Donations.

Make it easy for your audience to support your work and projects by offering a simple way to send tips or donate funds directly on your Smart Page and to you, with no fuss. Whether you're raising funds for a good cause or seeking support for your creative work, collecting donations and getting paid has never been easier. Start collecting donations and building your community today with Smart Pages.

Do so much more

Powerful and flexible to help you grow at any stage

Make money with Smart Pages

Sell your products and services to your audience with ease.

Sell external products

Add your products from your website or any other online channel

Take requests

For custom videos, shoutouts, photos, and artwork

Accept donations & tips

Collect donations and tips from your audience directly from your Smart Pages with just a few clicks

Customize your Smart Pages

More ways to stand out and show off what makes you shine.

Show off your content

Make it easy for your fans to find more of what they love.

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