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Beyond Just Links

A complete ecosystem for online sharing


Direct Monetization

Seamlessly sell products, services, or receive tips.


QR Code Creation

Instantly generate QR codes for any link or project.


Effortless Embeds

From YouTube to Spotify, integrate a variety of platforms.


Share Anything

Instantly drop files, from beats to e-books, with direct links.


The AI Edge

Boost your game with AI-driven documents and smart chats.

Dynamic Links

Create customizable links to share your contact information, files, and events with ease. Update them anytime without changing the link you've shared.

  • checkCustom link with your own words
  • checkTrack clicks and traffic sources
  • checkUpdate link content without changing the link
  • checkPassword protection
  • checkScheduling and expiration options

QR Codes

Create dynamic and customizable QR codes in seconds for almost anything - from links to emails, phone calls, and even WhatsApp chats.

  • checkFor various purposes
  • checkCustomize with colors, gradients, and logos
  • checkAdjust size and margins
  • checkChoose from different levels of error correction
  • checkSave configuration
  • checkExport in different file formats

Smart Pages

Create customizable smart pages for your social media bio and anywhere else online. Make it easy for your audience to discover everything you have to offer with just one link.

  • checkUse as link-in-bio page
  • checkUse as landing page
  • checkBuild from scratch or use a ready-made template
  • checkSell products and services
  • checkReceive donations and tips
  • checkPaystack,, PayPal
  • checkCollect information (phone numbers, emails)
  • checkShare links, files and content

Link Shortener

Transform long, clunky URLs into catchy and compact links that are easy to remember and share.

  • checkCustom link with your own words
  • checkTrack clicks and traffic sources
  • checkCountry, device, language & OS targeting
  • checkPassword protection
  • checkScheduling and expiration options

One link, endless possibilities. Link your audience everywhere to everything important with Smart Pages

Mobile Optimized & Customizable

Create your Smart Page in less than 5 minutes.

Sell Products & Services, Receive Tips & Donations

Get paid directly. No commissions.

Links, Articles, Images, Video, Slideshows

Share different types of content.

Add & Move Blocks

Build your unique Smart Page your way - from a blank canvas with over 30+ available blocks

Sell Product

Sell Service

Receive Donations

Add Audio

Add Video

Add Image

Add Document

Share Reviews

Create vCard

Create List

Create Timeline


Facebook Post

Instagram Post

Youtube Video

Opensea Item

Link up & Stand Out

Customize your presence

Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Customize your links, QR Codes and Smart Pages to showcase your style and achieve your goals


Link your way

Personalize your Short Links, File Links, Event Links, vCard Links, and Smart Page links with your own words, showcasing your brand and standing out from the competition.


Brand in sync

Customize your QR Codes and Smart Pages with your brand's colors, logo, and more for a consistent and cohesive brand identity.


Your own domain name

Use your preferred domain name for your Smart Page links, shortened links, file links, event links, and vCard links, adding a personal touch to your online presence.

Smart Page

Sell Downloadable Products.

Easily monetize your digital content by selling products that can be downloaded instantly. Offer your audience a variety of options, including ebooks, online courses, software, stock photos, graphics, webinars, music tracks, and more. Our seamless payment system ensures a smooth buying experience, and while your customers will have immediate access to their purchases, you will get paid directly, no commissions.

Easily sell products that can be downloaded instantly, including recipes, meal plans, online courses, digital templates, printable art, music tracks, and more.

Smart Page

Receive Tips & Donations.

Make it easy for your audience to support your work and projects by offering a simple way to send tips or donate funds directly on your Smart Page and to you, with no fuss. Whether you're raising funds for a good cause or seeking support for your creative work, collecting donations and getting paid has never been easier. Start collecting donations and building your community today with Smart Pages.

Make it easy for your audience to support your work and projects. Whether you're raising funds for a good cause or seeking support for your creative work, accepting tips and donations and getting paid has never been easier.


Link up and get paid with Smart Pages

Offer your products and services, collect tips and donations, and receive payments directly from your audience without any middleman or commission fees.

Sell instantly accessible products

Offer a wide range of products, from printable art and recipes to digital courses and music tracks, that can be instantly downloaded by your customers after purchase.

Sell external products

Use the external product block to link your physical products from any website and make it easy for potential customers to discover and purchase them.

Unleash your talents

Make money taking requests for custom videos, shoutouts, artwork, meal plans, travel itineraries, coaching, and more.

Accept donations & tips

Let your audience show their support by easily donating and tipping directly from your Smart Pages with just a few clicks.

Get paid directly

Create and configure your preferred payment processors, from the available integrated payment processors including Stripe, Paystack, Mollie,, PayPal, and Razorpay, to receive payments directly.

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our most commonly asked questions to find quick answers and insights about SabiLink. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out.

What exactly is SabiLink?

SabiLink is a dynamic platform that combines link management with AI-driven features and customizable smart pages, streamlining your digital presence.

Do you offer a complimentary plan?

Yes, SabiLink provides a "Starter" plan that's free forever, giving users a taste of our essential tools without a price tag.

How do the premium plans get priced?

Our tiered pricing model is tailored to fit diverse needs. Explore the "Pricing" section for detailed specifics on each tier.

Can I switch my plan whenever?

Of course! Adjust your plan as needed, ensuring you always possess the right tools for your goals.

What payment methods does SabiLink accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

How does the affiliate earning program work?

Users on eligible plans can earn a percentage from every referred sign-up. Check your dashboard for more details.

How does the team collaboration feature work?

With SabiLink, you can invite team members to collaborate on projects. This allows for real-time collaboration, task assignment, and streamlined operations.

How does the "Temporary URL" feature work?

With this feature, you can set expiration dates or click limits on your links. This is especially useful for time-sensitive promotions or limited-access resources.

What's a Smart Page in SabiLink?

A Smart Page is your one-stop landing page, letting you consolidate and share numerous links and resources effortlessly.

Can I customize the appearance of my Smart Pages?

Yes! SabiLink offers extensive customization options, from fonts and backgrounds to custom CSS, ensuring your pages align with your brand identity.

How are links statistics tracked?

Our advanced statistics feature provides detailed insights into your link performance, including click-through rates, geographic locations, device types, and more.

How secure is SabiLink?

SabiLink prioritizes your security. We employ industry-leading encryption and security protocols to ensure your data and links are protected at all times.

What if I need a feature that's not available on SabiLink?

We're always evolving! If you're looking for something specific, reach out to our support team. Your feedback might drive our next update!

Do you offer support for setting up and using SabiLink?

Yes, our dedicated support team is here to help. Whether you're just getting started or need assistance with advanced features, we're just a click away.

Need further assistance?

Our dedicated team is here to help. Just head to the "Contact" page for any queries or support.

What Our Users Say

Real Stories from Real Users

User Image

Amara O.

Digital Marketer

"I started using SabiLink a few months ago, and the difference it has made in managing my multiple campaigns is unbelievable. It's so much simpler and cleaner. I truly can't imagine how I managed without it."

User Image

Tunde A.

Small Business Owner

"SabiLink's reports are a game-changer for me. It's not just about the links; it's about understanding my audience better. I now make better-informed decisions about my business promotions."

User Image

Nneka U.

Freelance Writer

"I always thought these tech tools were complicated. SabiLink proved me wrong. It's straightforward, and my articles now have these neat and tidy links that my readers appreciate."

User Image

Fatima B.

Full-time Mom and Blogger

"Blogging while managing home can be chaotic. But with SabiLink, at least my links are organized! I can now direct my readers to specific places without overwhelming them."

User Image

Obinna E.

Computer Geek

"Online safety is paramount for me. With SabiLink, not only are my links neat, but I also have this sense of security knowing I'm using a trusted service."

User Image

Zainab R.

College Student

"Professionalism in college projects gives you an edge. With SabiLink's custom link options, my submissions have that edge. And the compliments I get? Totally worth it!"

User Image

Femi L.

E-commerce Store Owner

"I had some initial hiccups using the platform, but SabiLink's customer support was right there to guide me. It's not just about a great tool, it's about the people behind it as well."

User Image

Blessing M.

Hobby Photographer

"I've always struggled with sharing my photo albums without cluttering my social media. SabiLink has opened a whole new world for me in this regard. Sharing is now seamless."

User Image

Dapo Y.

Part-time YouTuber

"The affiliate option from SabiLink? Pure brilliance. I get to use an amazing tool and earn a little on the side. What's not to love?"

User Image

Habeeb K.

Tech Fan

"There's always something new with SabiLink. Each feature seems to add value to my online routine. It's like an ongoing adventure with this platform."

User Image

Chioma P.

Content Creator

"I began with SabiLink's free version, and I was amazed. The ease and features made me wonder why I hadn't upgraded sooner. It's genuinely transformed how I share my content."

User Image

Ikenna T.

Gamer Streamer

"My streaming links, game recommendations, and merch store – all are neatly organized with SabiLink. It's elevated the way I connect with my audience."

User Image

Grace J.


"With every trip, I find SabiLink evolving to offer something new. It's exciting to see a tool that grows with your needs. My travel shares have never looked better."

User Image

Samuel F.

Music Lover

"Music is my life, and SabiLink makes sharing my passion a breeze. My playlists, favorite tracks, all organized beautifully. It's an auditory and visual treat."

User Image

Adaora G.

Brand Strategist

"SabiLink has been such a vital tool that I've recommended it to every professional I know."

User Image

David A.


"Real estate is about impressions. SabiLink lets me share property listings in a sleek, professional manner, making a lasting impression on potential clients."

User Image

Ogechi N.


"My podcast has multiple platforms and episodes. SabiLink makes sharing each one a breeze, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It's a podcaster's best friend."

User Image

Anthony J.

Online Tutor

"With my resources and lesson links in one place, SabiLink has made my tutoring sessions more efficient. Parents and students both appreciate the convenience."

User Image

Amina H.

Charity Organizer

"We rely on online donations, and SabiLink has made sharing our cause, events, and updates smoother. It's given our charity a professional touch."

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