Create customizable pages to house your links, showcase what's important to you, sell your products and services - and the list goes on.

QR Codes

Generate dynamic QR codes within seconds for almost anything - links, texts, events, email, SMS, phone number, facetime, paypal and crypto payments, WhatsApp, WiFi.

Link Shortener

Create a short link for your long URLs to make them easy to share and remember.

Link for Files

Upload and share files using dynamic links. Files can be updated at any time and the link will remain the same.

Link for vCards

Create a vCard that can be shared with a dynamic link. Your information can be updated at any time and the link will remain the same.

Link for Events

This is a dynamic link that will automatically create a new event in Google and Apple Calendar whenever it is clicked.






QR Codes


Tracked pageviews

Do so much more with one simple link

Products, Services, Tips & Donations

Sell and receive payments directly.

Mobile Optimized & Customizable

Create a mini-website in less than 5 minutes.

Links, Articles, Images, Video, Slideshows

Share different types of content.

One account, multiple possibilities

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Advanced Short Links

Create a short link (for example: to a long URL to make it easier to share and for better marketing.

vCards & Files

Create a dynamic link for vCard and files. Update files or the details on vCard without changing the link. Track, password-protect your link and more.

Dynamic QR Codes

Easily generate dynamic QR codes using your preferred colors and your logo - for your links, or anything else from your WiFi, vCard to receiving a crypto or Paypal payment.

Customizable Pages

Create a mini-website that houses all your links and content to share with your audience. Sell products and receive direct payments for your services - including tips and donations.

Understandable Analytics

See day-to-day and easy-to-understand analytics of your links, QR codes and pages to help measure performance, make improvements and understand your audience better.

Custom Domains

You can use our domain name for your files, vCards, and pages, or you can decide to use your own domain name - or - with ease.

Build your page, your way - using & moving blocks

Product Block

Service Block

Donation Block

Audio Block

Video Block

Image Block

File Block

Review Block

vCard Block

List Block

Timeline Block

HTML Block

Facebook Block

Instagram Block

Youtube Block

Opensea Block

SabiLink Pages

Sell Downloadable Products.

Easily sell products that can be downloaded instantly such as recipes, printable art, ebooks, courses, beats, and the list goes on.

SabiLink Pages

Create and share CV.

Looking for an easier to create and share your CV? You can easily create a CV that stands out and in your own style and share it with prospective employers using just one simple link.

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See how your customers interact with your products


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