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Connect With Your Audience

Social Media Integrations

Dive deep into audience engagement by effortlessly showcasing content from leading social media platforms on your Smart Page.

Whether it's an engaging tweet, an Instagram reel, or a gripping YouTube video, embed them directly and make your page a hub of diverse content.

Elevate Your Page

Functionality Integrations

Enhance the versatility of your Smart Page by partnering with feature-rich third-party tools. From building a robust email list with MailChimp, showcasing NFTs with OpenSea, to embedding captivating music from SoundCloud or Spotify, these integrations are designed to amplify your page's capabilities and user interaction.

Seamless Transactions

Integrated Payment Processors

Simplify the transaction process on your Smart Page by directly integrating with some of the world's leading payment processors.

Cater to a global audience with platforms like PayPal and Stripe or regional favorites like Paystack and Razorpay.

Additionally, explore emerging payment methods through and serve a diverse user base.

⚡ Power Up Your Page

Elevate Your Online Presence

Make your Smart Page the ultimate destination with top integrations. Connect, engage, and impress in just a few clicks.