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Smart Pages offers more than just ease; it offers empowerment. Discover features that boost your online presence, foster deeper interactions and connections, and also pave the way for diverse income streams for creators, businesses, and influencers alike. With Smart Pages, your visibility on the web isn’t just vibrant, memorable, and impactful.



Design effortlessly with no special skills.


Integrated Payments

Get paid, accept tips and donations, or sell items.


Exclusive Access

Offer exclusive access with custom entry codes.


Content Alerts

Inform visitors about potential sensitive material.


Fresh Themes

Revamp your page’s look in a snap.


Tailored Templates

Start with a purpose-driven design.



Collaborate with others on page edits.


Scheduled Content

Decide when specific blocks appear or hide.


Custom URLs

Stand out with a memorable web address.


Custom CSS

Make your page look exactly how you want.


Newsletter Signups

Grow your SMS and email lists right from your page.


Always Here For You

24/7 dedicated support for all your needs.

🚀 Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with Smart Pages

Create a Smart Page effortlessly. Ideal for everyone, from individual creators to businesses, looking to enhance their online presence, reach, and engagement – and so much more.


Select Your Link

Choose from domains like,, and others. Pick a name – like or And remember, you can change it anytime.


Design Your Page

Design it your way. Start from scratch or use a ready template. Play with colors, adjust fonts, and set the mood with the perfect background.


Add Content

Use our blocks to easily add links, images, videos, text, and more. Showcase blogs, highlight products, or display your social media profiles – the choice is yours.


Share Your Page

Your Smart Page is now live and ready! Share it on social media, via emails, or any online platform. You can also set it as your bio link on social profiles. Looking for effective ways to share?

🎨 Design Made Simple

Smart Templates

Why start from scratch when you can take a shortcut?

Our Smart Page Templates are pre-designed page setups that make it effortless to build your page.

For any need or niche, there's a template to kickstart your page creation.

Simply select, customize, and go live!

  • palette

    Ready-to-Use Designs: No need to think about design elements. Choose a template that fits and make it yours.

  • business_center

    Industry-Specific: Tailored for different industries and purposes. Whether you're a cafe, a freelancer, or a non-profit, there's a template for you.

  • tune

    Customizable: Love a template but want to tweak it? No problem. Adjust anything you like to fit your brand.

  • speed

    Fast and Efficient: Save time and energy. Start with a template and get your page up in no time.

🎨 Pick & Click!

Theme Selections

Want a new look for your page? Use our Smart Page Themes! Pick a style, click on it, and see your page change.

It's that easy. Each theme changes your page's colors, the way your text looks, and more.

  • list_alt

    Easy Choices: From simple to fun styles, pick what you like.

  • palette

    Everything Matches: Your whole page will look good together.

  • tune

    You're in Control: Change colors or text style anytime.

  • new_releases

    Fresh Choices: Regularly updated to bring you the latest in design trends.

More Than Just a 'Link in Bio'

Why Choose SabiLink's Smart Pages?

Transform the way you engage with your online audience using Smart Pages. Whether you're a savvy individual, a passionate content creator, or an ambitious business, Sabi.Link’s Smart Pages delivers a mobile-optimized universe of functionalities tailored for you. Every detail is designed with your success in mind. Make an impression, amplify your reach, and harness countless opportunities, all from a single page.


All-in-One Powerhouse

It’s more than a page or just a gateway. It’s your entire digital footprint, your website, store, portfolio, blog, and more—all unified under the Smart Page umbrella in a single, powerful link accessible with just one click.


Immediate Set-Up

Time is gold. With intuitive design tools, get your Smart Page running in minutes and make on-the-go adjustments without any downtime.


Flexible Designs

Choose from customizable templates or design from scratch. From backgrounds, colors, to fonts, create a page that reflects your unique brand or style.


Diverse Building Blocks

Choose from an expansive collection of 53+ blocks. From basic elements to advanced functionalities, the flexibility to create a page that precisely suits your specific needs is in your hands.


Dynamic Themes

Keep things fresh with over 50 themes. Change your page's theme on-the-fly to adapt to events, seasons, or promotions, and consistently delight your visitors.


Easy Connections

Bridge the gap between your audience and your content. From YouTube to TikTok, link every platform and give your audience a 360° view of your digital universe all in one place.


Grow Your Community

Build deeper connections using inbuilt forms. Collect contacts, foster a genuine community around your brand, and drive organic growth.


Empower Every Endeavor

For individuals and businesses of all sizes, Smart Pages offers tools to boost campaigns, generate leads, and enhance your promotions and digital presence.


Showcase Anything

Share your latest blog, promote a product, introduce your creations, or highlight your newest podcast episode effortlessly. Every endeavor deserves center stage.


Boost Your Online Sales

Turn visits into purchases. Showcase products from your online store, making shopping seamless and just a click away for potential buyers.


Monetize Your Digital Space

Generate revenue by selling a diverse range of digital products and online services, from exclusive content to custom videos, or by promoting sponsored content.


Empower Your Purpose

Collect heartfelt donations for good causes and appreciative tips directly on your page. Let your audience actively support your personal journey, charitable endeavors, or simply show their appreciation.


Live Content Updates

Feature your latest YouTube videos with the YouTube Feed block and spotlight fresh blog or news using the RSS feed block. Ensure your page remains current, engaging visitors with the latest content.


User-Friendly Builder

Build, customize and modify your page without any technical knowledge. Simply click and drag blocks to rearrange the content on your page.


Boosted Visibility on Google & More

Smart Pages are automatically indexed by search engines, driving organic traffic to your content. Utilize the available SEO settings to boost your visibility even more.


Boost Affiliate Sales

Easily add affiliate links of products you earn commission from to your page using the 'External Product Link' block, increasing your earning potential with each click.


Animate to Captivate

Choose from over 10 animations to draw attention to important links and content on your page, ensuring they stand out and are noticed by every visitor.


Mailchimp Sync

Connect your Mailchimp account via the 'Email Collector' block and grow your MailChimp list with signups directly from your Smart Page.


Scheduled Content Control

Schedule blocks to go live or expire as needed. Ideal for promoting timely offers, events, and announcements, ensuring visitors see fresh and relevant content.


Exclusive Access Control

Safeguard your entire page by enabling password-only access, ensuring that your unique and exclusive content is viewed and engaged with only by your select audience.


Delegated Page Management

Delegate with ease. Set up a team, invite members like staff or collaborators, and grant them specific access for managing your Smart Page and its content.


Direct Payment Integration

Seamlessly integrate with leading payment processors such as Paystack, PayPal, Stripe, Mollie,, and Razorpay. Accept payments directly from your Smart Page without intermediaries or added commissions.


Comprehensive Audience Analytics

Know your audience. See where they're from, what devices they use, their browser type, language, and where they found your page. Use these simple facts to make smarter choices.


Affordable Premium Access

Gain access to premium features without burning a hole in your pocket. Experience more capabilities for less, without the usual restrictions.


Perfect on Any Device

Every Smart Page is optimized to look stunning, whether viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop.


Always-On Support

Stuck or confused? Our dedicated support team is always available to help and guide you through any issue. Simply reach out and we'll be there.


24/7 Reliable Uptime

Our robust infrastructure guarantees 24/7 uptime, so your page remains continuously accessible to your audience without interruptions.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement: We're committed to excellence. Continually improving, we roll out regular feature updates, design enhancements, and platform optimizations, ensuring the best is delivered at all times.

🧐 Need Answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help you navigate the ins and outs of Smart Pages. If you don't find your answer here, don't hesitate to reach out!

Smart Pages are mobile-optimised single-page websites designed to house and share important links and content. They're especially great for use as the link in bio on social media.

Not at all! Smart Pages is designed for everyone, whether you're tech-savvy or a complete beginner.

Simply sign up, choose a domain name, and begin customizing your page using our intuitive blocks and templates.

While we offer domain options like and, you can also integrate your own custom domain for a more branded experience.

Yes, they're crafted to look and work great on mobile devices, making sure your audience gets the best experience no matter the device.

Smart Pages offer analytics integration, allowing you to monitor page visits, engagement metrics, and more.

Use the respective blocks in the editor to add and link any of your social media handles to your Smart Page.

The number you can create varies by your chosen plan. Each plan has its limits to cater to different needs.

Security is our priority. All the data on Smart Pages is encrypted and securely stored.

Our commitment to user experience, combined with powerful features, and affordability, positions Smart Pages as a preferred choice for many.

We believe in empowering our users, not overwhelming them.

Yes, you can! Schedule content to show or hide at set times, keeping your page dynamic.

"Link in bio" refers to the clickable URL you can add to your profile on social media platforms, leading followers to your website, products, or any important content.

It's a breeze. Drag and drop blocks to your liking, add new content, or tweak existing elements whenever you wish.

Absolutely! You have the option to set a unique password, ensuring your content remains exclusive to your desired audience.

This is a proactive alert for your page visitors, warning them of any content they might find unexpected or delicate.

Themes set the look of your page with colors, fonts, and styles. It's like picking an outfit for your page.

Templates are like pre-made pages. They're designed for specific uses, like a band's page or an online store, and come with sample content that you can change.

Themes make your page look consistent and professional without needing a designer's touch.

Time-saving! Templates get you started faster. Instead of building a page from scratch, pick a template that fits your goal and tweak it.

Absolutely. Integrate payment gateways like Paystack, PayPal, Stripe, etc., to facilitate transactions.

Smart Pages come SEO-ready. You can also add meta tags, descriptions, and keywords for better search visibility.

Yes, integrate e-commerce blocks to showcase products and facilitate sales.

Yes! You can grant access to team members or collaborators, ensuring that they can contribute to the page as needed.

Absolutely. You can add your own branding or even choose to remove it entirely.

Feel free to reach out to us with suggestions or feedback. We're always looking to improve!

They sure will. We've got tools to help your page shine on search engines.

We're continuously innovating! Expect new features and updates regularly.

Navigate to the dashboard, select the desired page, and choose the 'Delete' option.

If you have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ section, please feel free to contact our support team. We are here to help and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Elevate your online interactions and open doors to limitless possibilities. With Smart Pages, you'll capture attention, foster genuine connections, and open new revenue avenues. Don't settle for less. Your online space deserves the best.