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Get Paid

Monetize your content, products, and services with Smart Pages. Integrated payment processors and the ability to sell digital products make it easy to generate income and receive payments directly from your audience.

Share Content

Centralize your links, content, and offerings with Smart Pages. Make it easy for your audience to access and engage with your content across different platforms.

Collect Tips & Donations

Receive tips and donations through Smart Pages. Let your audience show their support by contributing to your work or cause.

Grow Your Brand

Expand your online presence with Smart Pages. Showcase your expertise, tell your story, and connect with your target audience to build your brand and reach new heights.

Discover 53+ Blocks for Unlimited Possibilities

Explore our ever-growing collection of 53+ blocks, each designed to serve a specific purpose on your Smart Page. From showcasing your products to collecting feedback and everything in between, our blocks offer unlimited possibilities to create a captivating and engaging user experience.


Link to external web pages with ease


A heading section will allow you to separate your page content


A block of simple text


An image with different styles to act like your page avatar


A simple & good looking image block for your page


A collection of social media links with their respective icons

Image Grid

Display multiple images on the same row


Separate your content with the help of this block


Display an ordered or unordered list on your page

Big Link

Link to external web pages with an expanded link


Display a playable audio widget on your page with ease


Display a playable video widget on your page with ease


A link to a downloadable file on your page with ease

Call To Action

A link to a custom action, such as email or phone number

PDF Document

A button with a modal opening a PDF viewer & link to the PDF document

Email Collector

Easily collect emails from your visitors

Phone Collector

Collect phone numbers with ease

RSS Feed

Display a simple dynamic RSS Feed on your page

Custom HTML

Add any type of custom HTML to display exactly what you need to


Add a vCard download button to your page


Display an alert notification type of widget with ease


Display a block of the most frequent questions & answers for your visitors


Display a simple countdown widget on your page with ease

External Product

A detailed link button to an external product


A button that opens a modal with all the easily sharable links to your page

YouTube Feed

Display your latest youtube videos dynamic on your page


Display a simple, nice looking & customizable timeline widget on your page


Display a review that you received to build social proof on your page

Image Slider

Display a horizontal collection of dynamically added images on your page


A block of parsed markdown formatted text


Redirect your users to pay via PayPal for a custom product

Donation & Tips

Add a button to your page to receive donations and tips from your audience


Add digital products to your page to sell to your audience


Add services to your page that can be bought by your audience


Paste in your Soundcloud URL and we will show it as a playable song on your page


Paste in your Spotify Song, Album, Show or Episode URL and we will show it as a player on your page


Paste in your YouTube video URL and we will show it as a video on your page


Paste in your Twitch URL and we will show it as a video on your page


Paste in your Vimeo URL and we will show it as a video on your page

TikTok Video

Display a TikTok video widget on your page with ease

OpenSea NFT

Easily embed & display an NFT from the OpenSea market

Apple Music

Paste in your Apple Music URL and we will show it as a playable song on your page


Paste in your Tidal Song URL and we will show it as a playable song on your page

Anchor FM

Paste in your Anchor FM Podcast URL and we will show it as a playable podcast on your page

Twitter Profile

Display a Twitter profile widget on your page

Twitter Tweet

Display Tweets on your page

Pinterest Profile

Display a Pinterest profile widget on your page

Instagram Media

Display a Instagram Post or Reel on your page


Display a TikTok profile widget on your page


Display a Typeform form widget on your page

Discord Server

Display a Discord server widget on your page

Facebook Post

Display a Facebook post widget on your page

Reddit Post

Display a Reddit post widget on your page

Express Your Style

Smart Pages allow you to express your creativity and personality. Choose from a range of stunning themes and fonts to create a design that reflects your unique brand or personal style. From bold and vibrant to sleek and professional, the choice is yours.

Easy Customization

With our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can effortlessly customize your Smart Page. Add and rearrange blocks to create the perfect layout for showcasing your links, content, and offerings. No coding skills required!

Seamless Integration

Connect all your social media channels, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, in one place. Direct your audience to your Smart Page, where they can easily access all your content and stay engaged with your brand.

Versatile Use Cases

Smart Pages are incredibly versatile. Use them as your link-in-bio page on Instagram, create landing pages for marketing campaigns, showcase your products or services, collect donations, or even gather valuable information from your audience.

Optimized for SEO

Smart Pages come with built-in SEO settings, enabling you to optimize your page for search engine visibility. Customize meta descriptions, titles, and keywords to improve your organic search rankings and attract more traffic to your Smart Page.

Insights and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your audience's behavior and engagement with detailed analytics provided by Smart Pages. Track the performance of your links, measure click-through rates, and understand where your traffic is coming from.


Made for Mobile First.

Smart Pages are fully optimized for mobile, ensuring that your content looks fantastic and functions seamlessly on smartphones and tablets. No matter how your audience accesses your Smart Page, they'll enjoy a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

Here's How It Works in Four Simple Steps

Create the Link

Choose a domain name from the available options, such as,,,,, and more. Select a name for your link that represents you, your brand, business, project, or event. Your Smart Page link will take the form of or, depending on the domain you choose. Remember, you can always change the selected domain and your link name whenever you want.

Choose Your Design

Customize your Smart Page to reflect your unique style and purpose. You can either build your Smart Page from scratch using the available blocks or select a theme that resonates with your aesthetic. Personalize the colors, fonts, and background to create a visually appealing and cohesive look that truly represents you.

Add Your Content

Bring your Smart Page to life by adding various elements like links, images, videos, and text. Showcase your latest blog posts, highlight your products or services, feature your social media profiles, or share any other content that you want to engage your audience with. With SabiLink, it's easy to curate and display the content that matters most to you and your audience.


Once you're satisfied with your Smart Page, you can instantly start sharing it across social media platforms, in emails, or anywhere else online. Direct your audience to your Smart Page and witness your engagement soar. With SabiLink, sharing your content and connecting with your audience has never been easier. Find out more about sharing your Smart Page

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